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The museum “Osiride Brovedani’s House” is a small sign to honor a good and simple, yet authentic man, who anonymously offered his generosity and who believed in life and in himself even in the darkest moments. It is dedicated to the youngest, that he loved so much and to whom he wanted to convey the ability to activate in themselves trust and will to succeed. This museum aims to reveal and dvelve into the figure of “mr. Fissan”, who was a philanthropist and generous benefactor from Trieste.

osiride brovedani

An enlighted entrepreneur

Osiride Brovedani’s life has been incredible, made of brilliant intuitions and moments that were difficult to forget, such as deportation in the Nazi camps. His house becomes a place built to keep memories alive and it helps to read history not from the books but from last century authentic documents.

A simple man

In his deportation diary Osiride mentions with nostalgia “the little nook where he used to rest”: this corner collects his memories from this apartment and from the mountain house in Tarvisio.

The deportation

The most significant document of the tragic experience in Germany is the diary of imprisonment, which recounts the dramatic conditions of life inside the concentration camps.

A blast from the past

Osiride Brovedani obtained from dr. Sauer the concession to put Fissan Paste on sale in Italy and he begun its production in 1930, moving to this very apartment in 1940.


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